''Student''-related Material from Macdonell (1901); Student (1908); Census of Ireland (1911); Fisher (1915); Hanley, Julien, and Moodie (2008)

[updated July 20, 2008]

Height and finger-length data, gathered by Macdonell (1901), and used by Student (1908)

Excerpts from Student's 1908 paper

Excerpts from Macdonell's 1901 paper [incl. frequency table]

Data from Table III of Macdonell's paper (Excel)

Data from Table III of Macdonell's paper (csv format)

[ finger size, 22 height frequencies, marginal frequency ]
Let James.Hanley@McGill.CA know of any discrepancies between the datafile provided here, and the hard copy.

Gosset's 750 samples of size n=4

Census of Ireland 1911: Return completed by Gosset

For more details, see link

2008 article by J. Hanley, M. Julien and E. Moodie

Student's z, t, and s: What if Gosset had R? Hanley J, Julien M, and Moodie E.
The American Statistician, February 2008]

Supplementary Figures, with results for finger length [Hanley et al. ]

Expanded version of Fisher's Derivation of pdf( s, xbar ) [Hanley et al.]


Statistical Society of Montreal 2008.03.07
[a shortened version of this talk was given at Statistical Society of Canada 2008.05.29]
  Special Session: Gosset Centenary (IBS/ISA) Dublin 2008.07.16
[session organized by Irish Statistical Association]

Unveiling of Plaque to Gosset: Guinness Storehouse July 14 2008

Photos by JH

IBC 2008 Photos by PM -- Guinness photos start at row 5 col 3