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University Registration

All Programs commence on July 1 each year. A resident or fellow registered in the McGill residency programs is considered a full-time student. All residents and fellows must register yearly by submitting an application or re-application to the Faculty Postgraduate Medical Education office in the Faculty of Medicine and must agree to observe the statutes, rules and regulations of McGill University and of the Faculty of Medicine, including the payment of a tuition fee and student services fee, and provide an updated home address.

Registration as a postgraduate student entitles the trainee to obtain a regular university identification card. This I.D. card permits access to many university facilities. Registration usually ends by June 15 each year. Proof of citizenship for Canadians, proof of landing for permanent residents of Canada, or a valid CAQ and Employment Authorization, together with the Code permanent form are required in order to finalize registration and obtain a McGill I.D. card. Please submit these required documents to the office of the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education for processing, prior to the start of the academic year, following which you will be registered.










This page was last edited on 05 June, 2014