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Applications for the 2016-2017 will open on May 15, 2015

Application deadline was September 01, 2015

Make sure you follow these instructions:

1- Learn about the program: Fellowship Programs

2- Ensure that you meet the general requirements and eligibility criteria (see below Admission Process)

3-Begin application process and pay the application fee: Apply Now

4- Submit supporting documents before the deadline of September 01, 2015

5-Track the status of the application and admission decisions: You can track the status of your application by logging into Minerva, under the Applicant menu, using your McGill ID number

For information about applying for additional training in order to be recruited in Quebec, i.e. formation complémentaire (only for Medical Residents remunerated by Ramq), please go to the following page:

Fellowships are for:

Trainees who have completed a full Specialty Program: Residency Programs and
Trainees who hold a Specialty Certificate from a Board or a College and
Trainees who have completed the MCEE or MCCQEI-II or USMLEs (Deans letter of support may also be acceptable)

Admissions Requirements:
Fellows must meet all of the following conditions:

-Be Medical Doctors who are graduates of Medical Schools listed in the Faimer Directory
-Be Physicians who are recognized as Specialists in Canada or abroad
-Hold a scholarship from their home government, University or Faculty of Medicine:
Acceptable Scholarships can be granted by a government, a scientific or international organization, a University or Faculty of Medicine.  All other scholarships (for example, self-funding) will be refused.  Unfunded training is not possible.  The minimum acceptable bursary is the equivalent of the R-1 Salary (approximately $43.000 dollars per year).  Additionally scholarships must cover the tuition fees and other student fees.  Please consult the appropriate section on this: Student Services and Fees . Scholarships should also cover any extension of training (approved by the Associate Dean). Funding (salary and tuition fees) must be provided in the case of any probation or academic difficulty for a period of up to 6 months.
-Obtain a letter of eligibility and satisfy the requirements of the Collège des médecins du Québec.
-Sign a return engagement in their country:
Written commitment to return to the country of origin at the end of the approved training period. The candidate must attest to the fact that he/she has no intention to apply for permanent resident status nor licensure/certification examinations in the Province of Quebec and to maintain this status for the duration of their training at McGill. This is in order to meet the Provincial Medical Manpower Policies.  Trainees who no longer require a work permit are no longer eligible to continue training under this quota.

-Hold a valid Work Permit such as required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, if applicable

All applicant files are screened by the Postgraduate Medical Education Office prior to being submitted to a Program

Admissions process:

Your eligibility depends on your ensuring you have all required exams and attestations,  according to your applicant profile: We are unable to consider trainees who do not meet the eligibility criteria outlined in these sections, or whose file is incomplete. Please note that we can only consider applications to programs of 3 years in length or less.

We are able to consider applicants as follows:

Graduates of Canadian Medical Schools (outside Québec)

Graduates of Medical Schools listed in the FAIMER Directory

Graduates of Medical Schools listed in the FAIMER Directory, who are covered under an approved Exchange Program with their home Government. Only files received directly to the Postgrad Admissions Office from the Sponsor are acceptable.  All other applications will be refused.

Candidates must apply via the McGill On-Line Application, and submit the application documents  You must also provide us with an official translation of documents written in a language other than English or French, that is, a translation bearing the seal of an official translator. Separate translations must be attached to each corresponding document. Incomplete files will not be considered.  Files of eligible selected applicants will be transmitted by the Postgrad Admissions office to the Program Director.

Documents submitted to McGill University in support of an application to be admitted, including, but not limited to transcripts, diplomas, letters of reference and test scores (in paper or electronic format), become the property of McGill University and will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another institution.

Extensions of training are not automatic and can be obtained for valid pedagogical reasons only, pending renewal of eligibility. Please contact your Program Director 12 months in advance.

Once a physician is accepted into a Fellowship program, the Postgraduate Medical Education office of the Faculty of Medicine will submit an application for a letter of eligibility for postgraduate training in the Province of Quebec to the Collège des médecins du Québec on his or her behalf; there is a fee for this application, which must be paid by the applicant.  Final acceptance is conditional upon obtaining this letter of eligibility as well as meeting the Immigration Requirements (please see that section for information and fees) if required.