Sonenberg Lab

Dr. Nahum Sonenberg

Annamaria Kiss


Isabelle Harvey

Chief Research Technician

Eva Migon

Lab Technician

Annie Sylvestre

Animal Health Technician

Meena Vipparti

Lab Helper

Annik Lafrance

Animal Health Technician

Yuri Svitkin

Translation initiation factors; translational control during virus infections

Akiko Yanagiya

Translational control of insulin mRNA via poly(A) tail

Ilse Gantois

Translational control in autism and schizophrenia

Nadeem Siddiqui

Structural studies of translation factors

Masahiro Morita

The role of deadenylation and cap-dependent translation in metabolism and cancer

Argel Aguilar-Valles

Translational control in autistic and mood disorders

Soroush Tahmasebi

Translational control of pluripotency

Vijendra Sharma

Translational control of synaptic plasticity

Edna Matta Camacho

Structural studies of mTOR pathway components

Clement Chapat

Role of microRNA-driven silencing machineries in translational control

Mehdi Jafarnejad

Regulation of mRNA translation in development and cancer

Jelena Popic

Translational mechanisms in Autism Spectrum Disorders during synaptogenesis

Peng Wang

Deciphering the role of protein phosphatase 2A in translational control

Agnieszka Skalecka

The role of 4EBPs in the brain

Rapita Naresh Sood

Development of combinatorial strategies targeting eIF4E

Sunghoon Kim

Translational control via mTOR pathway

Danilo De Gregorio

Co-supervised with Dr. Gabriela Gobbi

Interaction of hallucinogen d-lysergic diethylamide acid (LSD) with mTOR signaling pathway

Nathaniel Robichaud

Dysregulated translation initiation in cancer: the impact of eIF4E phosphorylation on metastasis and invasion

Chadi Zakaria

Translational regulation of innate antiviral immunity: potentiating oncolytic virus infection

Maayan Shapiro

Translational regulation by mRNA binding proteins

Dana Pearl

Role of eIF4E phosphorylation on hair growth and tissue repair

Ritchie Truong

Elucidating 4E-BP2 deamidation in the brain and translational control in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mehdi Amiri

Investigating the mechanisms of IRES dependent translation

Shane Wiebe

Translational control in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Igor Zlobine

Examining the impact of targeting eIF4E: elucidating the role of the tumour microenvironment & intra-tumor heterogeneity

Jesitha Jayarajan

Role of microglia in Austism Spectrum Disorder on microfluidic platform

Anmol Nagpal

Targeting translational mechanisms in neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropsychiatric diseases, and learning/memory

Former Lab Members:

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