Sonenberg Lab

Dr. Nahum Sonenberg

Annamaria Kiss


Isabelle Harvey

Chief Research Technician

Eva Migon

Lab Technician

Annie Sylvestre

Animal Health Technician

Meena Vipparti

Lab Helper

Annik Lafrance

Animal Health Technician

Yuri Svitkin

Translation initiation factors; translational control during virus infections

Ilse Gantois

Translational control in autism and schizophrenia

Nadeem Siddiqui

Structural studies of translation factors

Vijendra Sharma

Translational control of synaptic plasticity

Tayebeh Basiri

Translational control in breast cancer

Peng Wang

Deciphering the role of protein phosphatase 2A in translational control

Rapita Naresh Sood

Translational control in epileptic seizures

Sunghoon Kim

Translational control via mTOR pathway

Junghyun Choi

Translational control in brain disorders

Roberta Cagnetta

Translational control in memory

Niaz Mahmood

Translational control of memory consolidation

Mehdi Amiri

Investigating the mechanisms of IRES dependent translation

Shane Wiebe

Translational control in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anmol Nagpal

Targeting translational mechanisms in neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropsychiatric diseases, and learning/memory

Xu Zhang

Translational control in immunity: developing novel oncolytic virus and tumor immunotherapy

Sara Bermudez

Studying translational control in microglia

Laura Marsal Garcia

Translational control in learning and memory

Jun Luo

Translational control of type I interferons via 4EHP-GIGYF1/2 machinery

Trista (Danning) Lou

Translational control in astrocyte and its role in learning and memory

Catherine (Qiyun) Deng

Translational control in triple-negative breast cancer

Ziying Huang

Translational control in neurological diseases and learning/memory

Minza Haque

Investigating the interaction of LSD and psilocybin with pathways of eukaryotic translation

Former Lab Members:

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