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Issue 13.2
No feature reviews in this issue.

Issue 13.1
No feature reviews in this issue.

Issue 12.2
Transported to a World of Emotion
Complexities in Interpreting Perceptual Profiles among Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Examples from Research on Auditory and Visual Processing
Autism, Emotion Recognition and the Mirror Neuron System: The Case of Music
Prevalence and Interpretation of Recent Trends in Rates of Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Sensory Characteristics in ASD
Visual Orienting Among Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Issue 12.1
The effects of outdoor air pollution on chronic illnesses
Beyond the News: Health Risks of Climate Change
Does Exposure to Agricultural Chemicals Increase the Risk of Prostate Cancer among Farmers?
Climate Change and Health in Canada
Food, Global Environmental Change and Health: EcoHealth to the Rescue?

Issue 11.2
Placebos in Medicine: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Patterns of Use
Placebo: Feeling Better, Getting Better, and the Problems of Mind and Body
The Role of the Placebo in Clinical Practice
The Potential Perils of Informed Consent
Challenging Received Wisdom: Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect
Placebos and Medical Education

Issue 11.1
The case against increased privatization of Canadian health care: whither health care?
The case for increased privatization of Canadian healt care
International perspective on mixed health care: United Kingdom
International perspective on mixed health care: Japan
Focus Interview: A clinician's view of mixed health care in Quebec (with Dr. Lawrence A. Stein, Radiologist)
Focus Interview: A clinician's view of mixed health care in Quebec (with Dr. Paul Saba, Family Physician)

Issue 10.2
Surgery through the keyhole: a new view of an old art
Interventional Radiology: from idea to device to patient
Teaching technical skills using medical simulation: a new frontier
Interventional cardiology: the future beyond the coronaries

Issue 10.1
Personalized Medicine
Personalized Medicine and the Practice of Medicine in the 21st Century
Personalized Medicine - Some Thoughts
Personalized Medicine : Challenging Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Company Business Models

Issue 9.2


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