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Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and their contribution to health: An Analysis of Three Countries

The relationship between poverty and health has been widely reported. Moreover, extreme poverty is classified as a disease in itself. More than one billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty, which equates to an equivalent income of less than $1.25 per person per day at purchasing power parity. Reducing poverty is an international priority...

Salvage Resection for Isolated Local and/or Regional Failure of Head/Neck Cancer Following Definitive Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy Case Series and Review of the Literature


Kienbock’s disease and juvenile idiopathic arthritis

The etiology of Kienbock’s disease, also known as (osteonecrosis of the lunate, remains controversial. It commonly occurs in patients twenty to fourty years old and presents with pain and stiffness in the dorsomedial aspect of the wrist...

A New Palmo-Shoulder Compression Association
Teenage Female with Knee Pain and Instability
A Man with a Neck Mass, Pleural Effusion and Hypoechoic Masses in the Right Atrium and Ventricle


The Canadian Space Agency Space Learning Grants

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), via its Space Learning Program offers a bevy of opportunities that Canadian university students may wish to leverage. Through the Space Learning Grants Program, the CSA provides funding to upwards...

Medical Education for Exploration Class Missions
Ultrasound: From Earth to Space
Medical Care in the Arctic and on Orbit
Physicians as Astronauts
Human Space Exploration: The Next Fifty Years
Exploring the Possibility for a Common System for Joint Aeromedical Standards

Best Start (Nexus Health)

CU Advertising

Why Family Medicine? (The College of Family Physicians of Canada)

FMOQ Group Insurance Program (Dale Parizeau Morris Mackenzie Financial Services)

Train to Think Beyond (St. George's University)

Always there for you! (Medavie, Blue Cross)

Come Experience Nunavik (Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services)

No editorials for the current issue.

The Final Frontier: A medical student’s mission to boldly dream where no dream has gone before

One simple idea can be the spark of a dream that begins to shape a lifelong journey of exploration, discovery, and transformation. I recall tilting my head towards the night sky at the age of nine years old. I was drawn to the vastness and beauty of space and I further envied those who could ride rickets to...


Evolutionary approaches to autism - an overview and integration

Autism is a highly heritable neurodevelopmental disorder, with deleterious effects on reproductive success. The combination of high heritability and low reproductive success raises an evolutionary question: why was autism not eliminated by natural selection? In this paper we present an overview of theories that address the evolution of autism, and we formulate an integration...


Breaking the Scope-of-Practice Taboo: Where Multidisciplinary Rhymes with Cost-Efficiency


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