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Project Description and Objectives

General objectives:

At the end of the project, the student should have carried out one of the following studies:

1. Assemble and review the relevant literature, collect, organize and present data pertinent to a problem in occupational health, hygiene and safety; propose adequate solutions to problems encountered as an occupational professional.

2. Assemble and review the relevant literature; carry out an original analysis on a specific question using existing databases; discuss results.

3. Carry out an exhaustive and scholarly literature review on a specific topic relevant to occupational or environmental health.

4. Write a research proposal in the field of occupational health, hygiene and safety, including a review of the relevant literature.

5. Develop a health and/or safety program for a specific industrial environment.

Students carrying out a survey or doing an analysis using a database should report this together with the literature review in a form that would be acceptable as a report to a company, a regulatory agency or a paper for a peer-reviewed journal. The report (main body of text) will usually be between 20 and 30 pages.

A study proposal should be briefer, generally following a format similar to that required by major granting agencies.

A literature review or a description of a program can be presented in a more extended format.





Study Guide

Project in Occupational Health and Safety
Course OCCH-699-88


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