Student Seminar Series

We welcome all students in our department to participate in this student initiative and encourage students who are interested in either presenting their own research or assisting in organizing an upcoming seminar to e-mail the EBOSS Communications Rep at Priority will be given to students wishing to present their research.

Series streams

  1. Research: Open to EBOH students, professors, and guests. These sessions can be used to present previous or ongoing research, to receive feedback on research protocols, and to practice for oral presentations and/or poster sessions at upcoming conferences.
  2. Discussion: Student-identified priority topics in epidemiology will be discussed by EBOH students and staff, in the form of seminars, presentations, or panel discussions moderated by a student.

Students presenting their own work will be given priority.

How to participate

If you would like to present your current or previous research, or would like to organize an lead a discussion on a chosen topic at one of the future Seminars, please send us an email. Consult the list of upcoming seminars if you would like to know what the upcoming dates that are open for students to present.

Purpose and objectives

Purpose: to provide a forum for students to engage with one another as colleagues in a comfortable environment.


  1. To profile student research taking place within the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health (EBOH).
  2. To provide EBOH students the opportunity to gain experience in giving presentations, responding to questions/comments and leading discussions about their research projects and/or their areas of academic interests.
  3. To disseminate information about student research at a peer-to-peer level, as well as to provide students the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from other students/ researchers. 
  4. To discuss and promote a broader understanding of topics relevant to EBOH students.
  5. To help build a stronger rapport between students in the EBOH department and foster student collaborations.