Ordering EBOSS Clothing 2016

You may place orders for custom McGill EBOH clothing by accessing the clothing catalogue and the order form below. This is a 3 step process.

1) First, you must download the catalogue and choose the type of product, the quantity, whether you want it embroidered or silk-screened, the size, and the style.

2) Second, you must download and fill in the order form and e-mail it to ebossclothing@gmail.com.

3) Third, you must submit separate payments (using the buttons below) for each of the items you have indicated on your e-mailed order form. You must also include your name, so that the payments you submit can be linked with your e-mailed order form, in order to verify your order.

*An order will be deemed incomplete until a completed order form is submitted, along with payments for each item outlined on the order form. The "Total:" (taxes are already included in prices) on your submitted order form should equal the amount of money you have submitted through PayPal.

- Electronic catalogue can be downloaded here.

(If you want to see what the clothing item looks like beyond what is shown in the catalogue, type the name and item code into Google, this will direct you to the suppliers official website.)

- Electronic order form can be downloaded here.

Payments will be processed through PayPal using the menus below. (If purchasing multiple items, whether they are different, or exactly the same, you must pay for each separately. Do not forget to include your name in the box below.)

The deadline to place your order is Friday, March 4, 2016 at midnight (orders to arrive ~4 weeks later).

Embroidered Items
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Silk-screened Items
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Optional Embroidery Personalization
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*Please note that we will only fill your order for silk-screened items if a minimum of 12 orders for silk-screened items are received from the program. This is due to the overhead cost of screen-printing. In the event that less than 12 are ordered, you will be refunded the full amount.

Questions about ordering? E-mail: ebossclothing@gmail.com.

(Information on picking up the clothing will be distributed via department-wide e-mail at a later date, and updated here.)