EBOSS Council Members 2013-2014

A full description of positions and responsibilities can be found here. Click on position titles to e-mail representatives.

General positions

President Jeremy Labrecque PhD Epidemiology
Vice President Stephanie Law PhD Epidemiology
VP Finance Kathryn Morrison PhD Epidemiology
Academic Representative Lauren Maxwell PhD Epidemiology
External Representative Sarah Mah MSc Epidemiology
PGSS Councillor Sahir Bhatnagar PhD Biostatistics
Communications Representative Taylor McLinden PhD Epidemiology
Social Representatives Vincent Lavallee MSc Public Health
Pablo Gonzalez Ginestet MSc Biostatistics

Program and committee representatives

Biostatistics Representative Rebecca Burne PhD Biostatistics
Occupational Health Representative Conner Hodes MSc Occupational Health
Comprehensive Exam Committee Representative Ryan Kyle PhD Epidemiology
PhD Program Committee Representative Robin Richardson PhD Epidemiology
PhD Curriculum Committee Representative Dinela Rushani PhD Epidemiology
MSc Epidemiology Program Committee Representative Nichole Austin MSc Epidemiology
MSc Public Health Program Committee Representative Oliver Lasry MSc Public Health
MSc Curriculum Committee Representative Laura Sang MSc Public Health

Members at large

Robyn Lee PhD Epidemiology
Barbara Gauthier MSc Epidemiology
Jasmine Chong MSc Epidemiology
Christina Norris MSc Epidemiology
Deepa Jahagirdar PhD Epidemiology
Laurence Brunet PhD Epidemiology
Farzin Khosrow MSc Epidemiology
Uzma Kashi MSc Occupational Health
Hrishov Sarker MSc Public Health
Jacqueline Cohen PhD Epidemiology