“First Annual Lab Retreat”, Helskini, Finland, December 2009

Martin’s Grad School Advisor, Tom Steitz, and Postdoc Advisor, Venki Ramakrishnan, receive the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 2009

The Schmeing Lab in December 2011

Official Schmeing Lab Game - Quarters

(used here to decide lab jobs)

Second Annual Lab Retreat, Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, March 2011

Fourth Annual Lab Retreat, Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, February, 2013

Third Annual Lab Retreat, Parc La Mauricie, Quebec, August 2012

Random Pics - Movember, Happy Hours, Lab Fun Days (where fun is mandatory), etc

Bacon Poutine

Official Lab Food

(tastes better than in looks)

Fifth Annual Lab Retreat, Barron Canyon, Ontario, July 2014

The Schmeing Lab


Sixth Annual Lab Retreat, Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, March 2015

(RIP Diego’s Camera)

Drinks at the Grad Student Pub, Summer 2015

Pi Day 2015

Seventh Annual Lab Retreat, Parc Mt. Orford, Quebec, August 2016

Tenure Celebrations, Summer 2016

International Poutines



Kris’ PhD Defence Celebrations, Spring 2017

Eight Annual Lab Retreat, Rivière du Diable, Quebec, August 2017